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Standby MS-350 control unit 12/24V

Standby MS-350 control unit 12/24V

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The MS-350 is a combination of a special signaling system and a control unit. You determine whether the system is controlled digitally and/or in parallel ("analogue"), which special signals the device should emit and how the levels of the three AF ​​lines are set (e.g. for microphone, tape or radio switching).

Load relays are a thing of the past. Our control unit provides you with 2x 6 A and 4x 3 A outputs. If these outputs are not sufficient for you, we can expand the outputs with an additional I/O box (SE05).

Basically, the control unit is configured according to your wishes. We implement your logical processes and functions and configure the inputs and / or outputs according to your ideas. You do not need any feedback from the warning light itself to monitor simple warning lights. The MS-350 can monitor and evaluate the load output. Even clocked speed signals can be evaluated and processed by the MS-350.

In addition to our standby CAN bus, the MS-350 can of course also operate other BUS systems (CiA447, FireCAN, etc.). In addition, there is also the possibility of direct implementation in various bus systems (CAN gateway).

The MS-350 emits the special signal at up to 123 dB(A), making it one of the loudest systems on the market; a good prerequisite for the safety of the emergency personnel and other road users!

In addition, with this device we also offer you the possibility of remote maintenance by our development or our service department in order to be able to quickly and easily install software updates or adjustments or to find and eliminate the cause of an error.

  • Individually configurable according to customer specifications
  • 2 loudspeaker outputs for a sound pressure of up to 123 dB(A) in an anechoic room
  • Up to 14 control inputs
  • Up to 6 switching outputs (2x 6A, 4x 3A)
  • Evaluation of pulse width and pulse frequency modulation signals (e.g. speed signal)
  • 3 configurable AF inputs for microphone, radio, band etc.
  • Possibility of remote maintenance
2 CAN interfaces:
  • 1x CANopen, FireCAN
  • 1x standby own CAN connector
Usable with:
  • Parallel ("analog") control
  • Bus control panels (e.g. BT-H 100, BT-C 121/200, BT-210/220, BT-2004/2008/2017 etc.)
  • External control electronics (ZE) as a special signal system, expansion of the switching inputs/outputs, voice amplifier, etc.
special signals:
  • For the countries D, NL, S, F, A, CH, F, I, US
  • Electronic compressor signal
  • City/Country switching
  • YELP signal for the stop process

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