Emergency doctor vehicle (NEF)

The emergency doctor's vehicle (NEF) is a rescue service vehicle that takes the emergency doctor to the scene. It is used for the preclinical care of emergency patients who require medical assistance.

The equipment of an NEF regulates Germany-wide DIN 75079. In addition to the load, there are also corresponding requirements for the vehicle technology (acceleration, maximum load). A Europe-wide uniform standardization is not yet planned. In Austria, the Europe-wide standard EN 1789 and EN 1865, which was adopted from ÖNORM, is applied.

Passenger cars in the station wagon variant are often used as NEFs. These are manoeuvrable, fast and have a low headroom. But SUVs or minibuses are also used, the advantage of which is better visibility in heavy traffic and – thanks to the driver’s higher seating position – a better overview. SUVs also have better off-road mobility, especially compared to station wagons, e.g. B. on forest paths. The Berlin fire brigade and the Hamburg fire brigade also use Mercedes-Benz Sprinters as NEF, which enable a higher payload and also the additional use of paramedics and emergency doctors for training purposes.

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