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Standby K-SR 350 speakers

Standby K-SR 350 speakers

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The K-SR 350 speaker is a modern and compact speaker that can easily be placed in a vehicle.

The speaker has been approved for use with the MS-350 siren amplifier. The weight of the speaker is 850g, the diameter is 109.25mm and the depth is 68mm.

Available in 4 ohm (12V operating, MS-350 siren amplifier) ​​or 16 ohm (24V operating, MS-350 siren amplifier) ​​versions.

  • 2 variants for 12 V and 24 V
  • Can be used individually or in pairs in connection with the MS 350
  • Small dimensions
  • Universally installable
  • Up to 121 dB(A) in connection with the MS-350 and use of 2 loudspeakers
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