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LARDIS activation code warning message vehicle profile (Garmin)

LARDIS activation code warning message vehicle profile (Garmin)

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Option for LARDIS:ONE

Activation code for switching off the warning message and saving the vehicle profile

for LARDIS devices with Garmin hardware

When the LARDIS:ONE is switched on, a warning message (attention warning) appears by default each time it is started up. The warning message disappears by pressing the confirmation button on the touchscreen of the LARDIS:ONE. The device can only be used after this confirmation . This warning message can be permanently suppressed by entering an activation code so that you can use the functions of the LARDIS:ONE immediately after switching it on and the warning message no longer appears.

Furthermore, when entering this activation code, the selection of the vehicle profile can be saved permanently. It is then no longer necessary to make a new selection during commissioning.

With this option, you will receive the activation code that matches the serial number of your LARDIS device by email. Tell us the serial number after purchase. If you buy a new LARDIS:ONE, we can activate the option before delivery.

Please note: RDF-tec GmbH ( assumes no liability in relation to the permanent deactivation of the warning message. The vehicle occupants, in particular the vehicle driver, are solely responsible for persons or property damage that occurs when dealing with motor vehicles and the simultaneous use of LARIDS:ONE products . After purchasing the option, we will send you written information about this. By signing this information, you agree that the warning will be permanently suppressed. Neither the manufacturer nor the supplier is liable for the resulting legal consequences in the event of accidents, personal injury and damage to property or other consequences that can be attributed to the deactivation .

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