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Votronic VCC 1212-20C charging converter battery booster battery charger

Votronic VCC 1212-20C charging converter battery booster battery charger

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  • High charging power even on short journeys or full charge on longer journeys.
  • Increases/decreases the voltage to the required level in order to be able to precisely charge the on-board battery with the optimal charging characteristic.
  • Completely compensates for line losses and voltage fluctuations in the alternator, which frequently occur to a considerable extent in Euro 6 vehicles (intelligent alternators).
  • Compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology) and powerfully dimensioned power components for safe operation.
  • Significantly better energy balance of the on-board battery without intervention in the starter circuit
  • With supplied 12 V consumers are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • The charging voltage is peak-free and regulated in such a way that the batteries cannot be overcharged.
  • Fully automatic operation: The device is constantly connected to the batteries and is automatically activated by the vehicle's running alternator. The batteries are not discharged when the engine is not running.
  • Parallel and buffer operation: If the battery is consumed at the same time, it continues to be charged or is kept fully charged. The device automatically calculates and monitors the adjustment of the loading times.
  • Supervision-free charging: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, malfunction and battery reverse discharge through electronic regulation up to the complete separation of device and battery.
  • Built-in on-board network filter: Problem-free parallel operation with other charging sources (EBL, chargers, motor and fuel generators, solar systems) on one battery.
  • Charging cable compensation: Voltage losses on the charging cables are automatically corrected.
  • Connection for battery temperature sensor (included): With lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM), the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to the battery temperature Battery gassing avoided.
  • LiFePO4 batteries: Battery protection at high and especially at low temperatures < 0°C.
  • Charging aid for deeply discharged lead batteries: Gentle pre-charging of the (lead acid, gel, AGM) battery up to 8 V, then powerful battery support for consumers that may still be switched on.

Input from vehicle starter battery "+ IN Start"
Vehicle starter battery nominal voltage 12v
Battery capacity (size), minimum recommended 36 Ah
Input voltage range (EURO 6 +), D+ controlled 10.5 - 16.5V
Input Over Voltage Shutdown (EURO 6+), max. 16.5V
power consumption max. 300W
Current consumption (at the lowest input voltage) max. 0.05A - 20A (Max)
Activation control input "D+", from D+, terminal 15, ignition 8 - 17V / < 1mA
Charging output on board supply battery "+ OUT board"
Charge/buffer/load current regulated IU1oU2, lead, LiFePO 0 A - approx. 24 A (0 A - 15 A *)
Lead acid, gel, AGM battery nominal voltage 12v
Capacity (battery size), recommended / up to 50-160 / 200Ah
Lead loading programs stored in memory 3
Pre-charging current (battery deeply discharged < 8V), max. 15A
Safety charging voltage for battery overtemperature 12.80V
LiFePO4 battery nominal voltage 12V (12.8-13.3V)
Capacity (battery size), recommended / up to 50-160 / 200Ah
LiFePO4 charging programs stored in memory 1
Safety charging voltage for battery overtemperature 12.80V
Reverse charging branch, charge/charge maintenance for the 12 V START battery
from the BOARD battery (e.g. when charging the BOARD battery from the mains) 12V/0-1A
Active at lead-acid, -gel, -AGM BOARD battery voltage On: >13.1V, Off: <13.0V
Active at LiFePO4 BOARD battery voltage On: >13.5V, Off: <13.4V
"TT" input for battery temperature sensor "board" Yes
quiescent current, stand-by 3...7mA
loading timer 3‐fold
voltage ripple < 30mV rms
Charging voltage limit "+OUT board" (consumer protection) 15.00v
Short Circuit/Back Discharge/Safety Protection Yes
Device installation position any
temperature range ‐20 to 45°C
Speed-controlled, temperature-controlled fan Yes
Gradual regulation of the charging power in the event of excess temperature Yes
Safety shutdown in case of overheating Yes
Dimensions, including mounting flanges and clamps (LxWxH) 146x67x40mm
Weight 280g
Ambient conditions, humidity: max. 95% room humidity, non-condensing

Scope of delivery: temperature sensor, operating instructions

* "Power Limit" function: temporary charging current reduction, available when connecting a remote control (available as an accessory)

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