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Standby P4 panel control panel

Standby P4 panel control panel

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The P4 panel is a completely new keypad that highlights the most important functions in on-call duty. The premium feel and size of the buttons have been inherited from our very popular T9 touch panel (CARAT screen) but now designed in a smaller, flexible format to more easily blend into the driver's environment.
The panel is connected to our standby systems via CAN-bus and has backlit buttons as well as multi-colour diodes to be clearly visible in the dark. It also has a light sensor that regulates the brightness of the panel to a comfortable level that is not perceived as annoying.
Our focus is always user safety and with its manageable size it should be able to be placed close to the steering wheel to minimize the driver's focus on the road. The icons we offer are the siren/blue light, blue light, stop button and on/off for the system, however this can vary according to needs
be adapted to larger fleets.
The design is adapted to the crash requirements in the vehicle environment; the attachment points on the back allow different mounting locations depending on the vehicle environment.
Area of ​​application: Police and other emergency vehicles that place very high demands on safety, ergonomics and quality.

The panel is available in two versions:

  • a version with four buttons (P4)
  • a version with three buttons and a rotary pushbutton (P4S).
  • Clear buttons that allow the driver to focus on driving and not take their eyes off the road
  • Indicator LEDs and backlit buttons that make it easier to use in the dark
  • Ergonomically designed panel with a premium feel
  • Programmable CAN panel that can be customized to the user's needs

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