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Hänsch BE 308M P universal control panel

Hänsch BE 308M P universal control panel

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Hänsch BE 308M P universal control panel

Menu-driven control panel with 8 additional function keys

Including analog inputs and outputs (4x inputs and 10x outputs)

Selection of different texts of the full matrix

Control of various light options (e.g. column, alley lights, etc.)

Installation dimensions for DIN car radio slot

Operation of the announcement options (e.g. selection of the sound source, volume control with installed ASM, etc.)

Ideal for controlling DBS 4000, DBS 5000 and TFA

Universal version: The buttons can be individually assigned with the respective functions and locked against each other. Analogue outputs can be switched. In the case of control panels with a display, it is possible to choose favorites from a large selection of pre-programmed, application-specific texts in order to be able to show them quickly and easily on the text display on the bar. A selection of keys/key stickers is included. Except for the basic keys, all other keys can be freely exchanged and configured.

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