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Dönges personal protection cable PRCD-S+ DIN 14660, IP55

Dönges personal protection cable PRCD-S+ DIN 14660, IP55

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So-called mobile electrical equipment must very often be used in firefighting operations. This includes any equipment that is powered by electricity, except cordless tools.

Power generators are primarily used for the power supply during operations. In exceptional cases or due to the special operational situation
However, another feed point, eg a house network, can also be used. In this case, the connection must be made via a safety switch.
DIN 14660:2020-06 defines the requirements that a personal protection device must meet in order to be used in fire brigade operations.

Our new personal protection cable with built-in PRCD-S+ fully meets the specifications of DIN 14660. It thus provides the necessary safety when handling electrical equipment in all situations.

Input: 1 x plug Schuko IP44
Weight: 920
Standard: DIN 14660:2020-06
residual current protection device
Undervoltage trip
protective conductor detection
Protective conductor monitoring
External voltage detection
Protection against external voltage on the protective conductor
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