Special part production using industrial 3D printing

Many vehicle conversions require special and individual parts, especially for the interior fittings.

We design and construct parts with the help of computers and then go into production. In some cases, individual parts can be 3D printed, in many other cases we manufacture laser-cut metal parts. The precision-crafted constructions are finished with an industrial-grade powder coating finish. Special color requests are no problem.

The result is robust and durable attachments, also for mounting on the outside of the vehicle.

We use 3D printing (FDM) for prototypes or for special parts in vehicle conversions. In order to be able to manufacture robust parts, we rely on industrial 3D printing from Stratasys. Our Stratasys F123 Series equipment offers large, heated build volume and precise dual extrusion.

We almost exclusively use ABS or ASA as construction material. The support material used is called QSR and must be washed out after completion.

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