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Motorola Advisor TPG2200 belt clip detector case

Motorola Advisor TPG2200 belt clip detector case

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It is important for all aid organizations and fire brigades to be alerted around the clock and everywhere. For this it is important to always have the DME / FME with you.

Motorola's new FME Advisor TPG2200 digital tetra pager now has the perfect belt pouch. All interfaces and buttons of the detector are accessible to the operator even in the holster. The speaker is deliberately kept open and the display is still readable. There is also a card slot for the locking system of the tool shed or for your ID card. Normal EC card formats can be inserted here and carried safely. A secure hold without the possibility of loss is guaranteed. In addition, a key holder or a chain can be hung on the eyelet provided.

A sturdy belt clip made of steel guarantees that the bag sits very securely on a belt or something similar.

Due to the precise fit, the bag can be easily turned upside down without the detector falling out. The specially adapted opening on the back still allows easy removal with two fingers while the holder is on the belt. The inserted card can also be removed with two fingers and without having to remove the detector pouch from the belt.

The holster is available in numerous colors and is made of PLA (biodegradable plastic).

!!!DANGER!!! The holster is available in two versions:


Without card holder and eyelet, this is purely for the detector.


Here you can attach a chain or a key holder to the holster and also carry a card without a case in a slot provided for this purpose.

The holder is already fully assembled and delivered immediately ready for use.

For more information just ask us. If you are interested in our multi-discount for all aid organizations, please contact us by email.

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