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DEFA Termini II 1900 fan heater

DEFA Termini II 1900 fan heater

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DEFA 430066 Termini II 1900

Switchable two-stage fan heater for extreme winter climates, suitable for all vehicles.

Termini™ is a modern fan heater with compact dimensions and can be installed elegantly and unobtrusively in the vehicle.

Extensive tests have shown that a relatively short heating-up phase is sufficient, which reduces the required switch-on time of the fan heater and the power consumption accordingly.

Termini™ II 1900 comes in two variants:

– With a normal 230V plug, order no.: 430066
– With a special DEFA connector, order no.: 430065

For more information, please contact your specialist dealer.

Simple and discreet

Slim and compact fan heaters from the Termini™ series. Termini™ is easy to install, under the glove box, on the center console or on the A-pillar.

Safe vehicle

Start the day in a comfortably warm car on a cold winter morning. Ice-free windows ensure good all-round visibility and thus make a significant contribution to road safety.

Intelligent heat

The Termini™ fan heaters, based on PTC technology, regulate the heat output depending on the ambient temperature. If the air temperature in the vehicle rises, the heating output is reduced. The power consumption drops.

Switchable two-stage fan heater as interior heating for cars and vans
1900 watts output power
230 volts

Scope of delivery:

- DEFA Termini II 1900

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