Kommandowagen (KdoW) auf Basis VW Tiguan

Command vehicle (KdoW) based on the VW Tiguan


- Hänsch DBS 4000 LED blue light bar with extensive equipment (rear indicators, additional flash modules, alley lights and reverse warning system)
- Original Martin Horn, compressed air fanfares on the blue light bar
- Standby L54 front flasher
- Standby L88 rear flasher blue and orange in the luggage compartment lid
- Foot switch for special signal operation
- Cargo area lighting
- Battery technology with additional battery, battery charger, 230 V charging feed, undervoltage protection
- Tetra digital radio with handset on vehicle-specific bracket
- Combination antenna for Tetra/GPS
- Inomatic BT 2008 control panel and Inomatic Pico FP control controller
  - Programming of logic and convenience functions by connecting to the Volkswagen vehicle CAN-Bus
  - Various logic and comfort functions, including button control in the loading area for additional functions
- Start blocking when the charging feed is connected (with optical and acoustic warning)
- Multi-stage undervoltage protection with optical and acoustic (pre-)warning via control panel
- Warning and design stickers


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